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This guide provides information about egocentric and sociocentric networks and houses Network Analysis Workshop 1, 2, and 3 materials.

Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is an ever expanding and connected methodology used in various disciplines form sociology, economics, public health, business, and biology. It allows us to analyze social structures, the spread of disease and information, and the relationships between groups and/or individuals. In this research guide we explore the different types of networks, calculating basic network measures, and provide recourses for you to go further.

Network Analysis with Stata at the Library

Stata15 is available on all library computers at the Atlanta campus. Conducting network analysis in Stata requires downloading a free networks package in Stata called "nwcommands" (Grund 2015).

Make sure to back up all of your data, code, and output each time you use Stata. All work on GSU's computers will be removed when you log off of the computer. 

Other Programs

Other programs for network analysis:

  • R (packages "sna", "network")
  • EgoNet
  • NodeXL

Network Analysis

Adamic, L. A., & Glance, N. (2005, August). The political blogosphere and the 2004 US election: divided they blog. In Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Link discovery (pp.36-43). ACM

Stata and Network Analysis

Stata is a statistical software package. Stata is widely used by scientists throughout the social sciences for analysis of quantitative data ranging from simple descriptive analysis to complex statistical modeling. 

Stata has multiple options to complete analysis through 'point and click', code, and model building (for specific analysis). Opening and analyzing data is not limited to one of the above mentioned options. This reference page uses code to demonstrate how to a download network analysis package and conduct sociocentric social network analysis.

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