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GSU Library Team Newsletter: Spring 2016: Library News and Updates

For the disciplines of Health, Science, Education and Policy


The Georgia State University Library's Health, Science, Education and Policy Team Newsletter offers updates and information about library services and resources.  Please share the link with your graduate students.


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Top 10 HSEP Article Downloads from ScholarWorks

1. Deron R. Boyles (Educational Policy Studies) Dewey's Epistemology:  An Argument for Warranted Assertions, Knowing, and Meaningful Classroom Practice 3531

2. Deron R. Boyles (Educational Policy Studies) A Lesson of Human Connection: 9/11, Film, Brotherhood, and Interpretation 2186

3. Arzu Ari (Respiratory Therapy) Jet, Ultrasonic, and Mesh Nebulizers: An Evaluation of Nebulizers for Better Clinical Outcomes 1874

4. Deron R. Boyles (Educational Policy Studies) Uncovering the Coverings:  The Use of Corporate-Sponsored Textbook Covers in Furthering Uncritical Consumerism 1094

5. Gerald M. Neumark (Policy Management and Policy Public Administration and Politics, a Cultural Clash: The Case of Tenth and Monroe 755

6. Deron R. Boyles (Educational Policy Studies) Institutes, Foundations, and Think Tanks:  Conservative Influences on U.S. Public Schools 623

7. Robert R. Friedmann and William J. Cannon (Criminal Justice) Homeland Security and Community Policing: Competing or Complementing Public Safety Policies 622

8. Nancy P. Kropf and Timothy B. Kelly (Social Work) Stigmatized and Perpetual Parents:  Older Parents Caring for Adult Children with Life-Long Disabilities 542

9. Sherry M. Cummings, Nancy P. Kropf, Kimberly M. Cassie, Brian Bride (Social Work) Evidenced-Based Treatment for Older Adults 519

10. Deron R. Boyles (Educational Policy Studies) Would You Like Values with That?: The Role of Chik-fil-A in Character Education 517

New Library Dean

Meet the New Dean: Jeff Steely began his role as Dean of Libraries on December 1, 2015. He shares a little bit about himself below.

Previous position: Associate Dean of Libraries, Baylor University, Waco, TX. Jeff worked in a variety of positions at Baylor over 19 years.

Most unusual job before becoming a librarian: Working at a call center, helping callers making jams and jellies. Jeff also once bussed tables at a dinner for professional golfers.

States that Jeff has called home: MO, KS, OH, IN, FL, TX, IL, TX (again), and GA

Hobbies: Cycling, home improvement projects, reading, and cooking.

Family: Married, with two daughters, both of whom are in graduate school.

On the move to Georgia State: “I am thrilled to join the GSU Library. This is such an exciting time in the history of the University. I look forward to working with the great library faculty and staff, and with colleagues across the University, as we rise to meet the challenges of supporting teaching, learning, and research in this dynamic environment.”

Nursing Librarian Change

Effective January 1, Brenna is now the librarian for all Nursing faculty, students, and staff.  

Open Access Publishing

GSU's department of University Research Services and Administration (URSA) continues to offer institutional memberships with two Open Access publishers; Hindawi Publishing Corp. and BioMed Central.  Funding for publishing in BioMed Central is competitive and limited.  Additional information and application instructions can be found at the URSA website.

Ask a Librarian!

Library Security Update

Library security is an ongoing concern.  A temporary access policy has been put in place to allow administration time to develop better security measures.  The investigation of the December robberies is ongoing.  A $2,000 reward for information is being offered by GSU.

Affordable Learning Georgia

Education Librarian Denise Dimsdale is the featured advocate for Affordable Learning Georgia, the University System of Georgia initiative to promote student success by providing affordable textbook alternatives.  Take a look at Denise's detailed research guide on Open Educational Resources to learn more.

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