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JOUR 4800 Media Ethics & Society: 1. Background
and topics

Media Education Foundation DVDs

The library has many Media Education Foundation DVDs that are great sources for background information and topic ideas.

Selecting a topic

As you're selecting your topic and gathering background information:

  • Look at some subject encyclopedias like those I've suggested on this page. 
  • The journalism ethics sites at the left side of this page may give you some ideas.
  • Also check the library catalog for books on your topic. Think in terms of broad searches like "freedom of the press" or "journalistic ethics" when you're doing catalog searches during this stage.

(I also suggest NPR's On the Media program, which covers interesting issues in journalistic ethics in almost every episode.)

Subject encyclopedias

Use sources like these to find background information and help get ideas to choose your topic. Search GIL, the Library Catalog  to find additional reference sources.