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Library Instruction Request

To schedule library instruction, complete the Instruction Request Form below. 

  1. Because the bibliographic instruction session is a collaborative effort between the course instructor and library faculty, library policy requires the course instructor to be present for the scheduled session. Your presence facilitates answers to questions specific to the assignment and encourages the students to take the intruction seriously.
  2. Request your instruction session at least one week before the desired date of instruction to allow time for collaboration and preparation.
  3. Please allow adequate class time for the information covered.

Instruction Request Form

Library Instruction Coordinators


Questions about instruction? Ask us!
Campus Name Phone
Alpharetta Brittani Sterling 678-240-6009
Atlanta Laura Carscaddon (interim) 404-413-2804
Clarkston Christopher Moffat  678-891-3697
Decatur Adrienne Graham 678-891-2588
Dunwoody Pat Ziebart 770-274-5086
Newton Clay Hulet 770-278-1258
Online Jason Puckett 404-413-2720


Library Instruction Services

Undergraduate library instruction at GSU Library is designed to help students gain life-long information literacy concepts as well as to give them skills and confidence in finding information to complete assignments for their courses. Library faculty collaborate with course instructors to design relevant and effective instruction that will teach students to effectively locate, critically evaluate, and ethically use information.

Please allow adequate class time for the information covered and read Information Literacy Standards for more information.

Types of Library Instruction

  • One time instruction (Examples)
  • Instruction in using databases tailored to the subject and course level
  • A lesson customized to your individual assignment
  • Guidelines for doing academic research on the Internet
  • A session on how to find books at GSU campus libraries and beyond
  • Orientation to library services, resources, and building
  • Multiple instruction sessions/Embedded librarian
  • Online instruction - Webinars
  • Asynchronous instruction through Research Guides, Videos, etc.
  • Assignment consultation - A librarian will help you determine if the library has sufficient resources to support an assignment.

Helping Students Get the Most from an Instruction Session

  1. Inform your students that they are expected to be on time, put away all distractions, and be prepared to participate in the library instruction. Tell them what you expect them to gain from the instruction and how they will use what they have learned.
  2. Collaborate with the librarian to make library instruction assignment-specific. (You may provide a copy of the assignment or syllabus.)
  3. Schedule instruction after the students have been given the assignment so students will understand the relevance of the instruction and have an opportunity to apply what they've learned.
  4. Support the librarian's request for students to prepare ahead of time or complete a follow-up assignment.
  5. If you have a student with special needs, tell the librarian assigned to your class what modifications need to be made.