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HON 3250 American Political Rhetoric in Depression and War: Locating Secondary Sources

Dr. Stuckey, Spring 2016


Research advice

  • Start with secondary sources. Books and journal articles give you background information that you'll need before diving into historical documents.
  • Discover the proper nouns. Make note of people and events that come up in your secondary sources. It's often harder to search primary sources by topic. Searching for individuals, places and named events helps.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are written after the historical events, by historians or other scholars looking back.‚Äč

This almost always includes journal articles, and for this project may include some books as well.

These are only a few databases among many the library has available

America: History & Life advanced search

When you're searching America: History & Life for secondary sources, make sure to use the Advanced Search feature.

Among other things, it allows you to select the historical period you need -- most databases don't have that option.

Subject Librarian

Jason Puckett
542 Library South (by appointment)