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How to reserve a group study room.

Group Study Rooms

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The University Library provides group study rooms to currently enrolled Georgia State University students, faculty and staff. The primary purpose of these rooms is to provide a place for students to engage in collaborative and cooperative study in small groups. Rooms can be reserved in 30 minute increments for a maximum 3 hours per day per campusID.  Please review the Group Study Room Policy (PDF).

How to Reserve Group Study Rooms (Text directions)

  1. Login with your CampusID and Password. If you do not know your CampusID and Password, you can retrieve it from:
  2. Select the date that you would like to reserve the room from the calendar on the left.
  3. Room categories are at the top of the screen, defaulting to 2nd floor. Please note special room categories such as Presentation Practice Room.
  4. Once you select the room category, you can then hover your mouse over available room times to get additional information about the room on the left.
  5. Available room times are in blue. Unavailable room times (where someone else has reserved the room) are in red.  Closed room times are in grey.  Your existing reservations are in green.
  6. When you see an available room time, select that room time, choose the duration of your reservation, and the number of people in your group. Select “Yes” to reserve the room.
  7. If the reservation was successfully made, it will appear in green.
  8. Please remember to write down the room number and time or save it on your mobile device.

     A screenshot of the GSU Library Group Study Room Reservation system.

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