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FLME 4210: Critical History of Radio & Television: Tiki-Toki: The Basics

Fall 2016 | Dr. Tussey

Class Timeline: Tiki-Toki

Class Tiki-Toki > Connect here.

Adding an Entry

Use the "ADMIN" button to add new entries or edit your existing ones.

Every entry on the timeline should have:

  • ​​A Title
  • Start date & End date
    Use the same date for both if the event happened on just one day (like the moon landing)
  • Intro
    This is where you will put your key findings
  • A Category
    Select one of the 5 options
  • Story Media
    This is where you will upload pictures, audio or video to accompany your post

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a free Tiki-Toki account. Use the class code (in the syllabus) to register as a student.
  2. Once you have an account, use the class timeline link to access the timeline.
  3. Use the "secret word" (also in the syllabus) to edit the timeline and add your entries.

Film & Media Studies Librarian