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Nursing Current: General Research Guide: Nursing Apps

A guide to vital information for community college nursing students.

Nursing/Medical Smartphone Apps

Nursing Apps

Nursing/Medical Calculators

Medical Calculator Medical Calculator -- Calculates body surface area, fluids, BMI, ideal heart rate, and a few others statistics. It is nearly advertising free. Its values agree with those on and the Merck Manual. You can obtain it at the iTunes or Google Play Stores, and yes it is free!

QX Calulator QX Calculator is a medical calculator that has mainly predictive values from quiz-like tests. It features little, annoying advertising. It costs nothing. Its values agree with those on and the Merck Manual, and it is available at the iTunes or Google Play Stores, and yes it is free!

Nursing Calculator Nursing Calculator is a bare-bones, drug, dosage calculator. It has few advertisements, costs nothing, and you can download it from the Google Play Store. It is NOT available for iPhones.

General Browsers

Mercury: A fast and agile browser paired up with MedlinePlus, the CDC, or The World Health Organization, offers advertisement-free, speedy, and reliable information. Note: Mercury likes to stay turned on and requires a force stop to turn off.

Dolphin Browser Dolphin Browser searches like lighteningon my Android Clone phone. It's lime green links may not be for everyone, but it's autocomplete makes typing in easier, and it is also available for iPhones. Download it from the Google Play or ITunes Store.

Boat Browser Boat Browser exists only for Android phones, and its speed reflects its heritage. It is now this author's browser of choice on her Android clone phone. Alas, it is not available for iPhones. Download from Google Play only.


The information above does NOT reprepsent an endorsement for any product or service.

The apps are free of nuiscence advertising, work on an Android clone phone, and appear to provide some content.

Content for some of the calculators appears to match verifiable web sources. The browsers are FAST, and they function as browsers.

All that said, except for the browsers, please do NOT rely on these apps without consulting a professional colleague or faculty member.

Georgia State University does not endorse or promote any of these applications.

The statements on this page are solely those of a librarian who tested the apps on her own, Android clone, smart phone.