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ENGL 1101 (Summer) - English Composition I: Career Exploration: Your Assignment

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Important Dates

Library instruction, March 29               

Resume workshop, April 14          

Peer review, April 19          

Paper due, April 21 (late papers not accepted)

Your Assignment

Researching Your Career

Assignment:  Select a career that interests you, one that you could plausibly imagine doing.  (While it might be exciting to be a trapeze artist, traveling with a circus is an unlikely choice for most of us!)  Next, you will research this career to learn as much as possible.  The directions below include excellent resources to help you with this paper. 

Here are the necessary components of this project:

  1. Access the Georgia Career Information System at  On the homepage, choose “Click here to enter.”  To create a career portfolio, first login with the following:

    Username:  gpcde                     Password:  gcis588

    You will then be prompted to create your own username and password.  This career portfolio gives you a way to collect and save information related to your career while you are still a Perimeter student.

  2. Learn as much as possible about your chosen career.  The library instruction on using the career research guide will be invaluable in this stage of your assignment.  Here is the address to access the research guide:

    Questions to consider:  What does someone in that field actually do on a day-to-day basis?  What skills are required?  What is the best type of degree to prepare for that work?  What is the employment outlook?  What is a typical starting salary?  How might one advance in that field?

  3. Identify and explore the professional association(s) for people who work in your field.  A good place to start is  How would belonging to that association benefit you if you decide to pursue such a career?  Does the association offer scholarships that you might apply for?

  4. Do some research on how to write an effective resume; see pp. 530-35 in the textbook for helpful suggestions and guidelines.  You will then write a resume that you can plausibly use now in a job search, whether or not it is related to your chosen career, and attach it to your final paper.

Requirements:  After you have conducted your research as outlined above, you will need to organize your findings into a four-page paper, with proper MLA-style documentation of sources and a works cited page.  You must have a minimum of five secondary sources. 

Dates:  Peer Review:  April 19th; Paper due:  April 21st

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