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SPSS: Cross Tabulations- Advanced

What are Cross Tabulations?

Cross Tabulations, also known as contingency tables, are statistical analysis that examine the relationship between two (or more) variables. 

Note: For this example, General Social Survey 2016 data (located on "About Stata" tab) is used to produce the cross tabulation for respondent's health (health) and their confidence in medicine (conmedic). 

Cross Tabulations- Advanced: Point and Click

1. Go to Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Crosstabs

2. Find, click on, and move the variable you want in the column and move the variables you want in the row. This can be done either by clicking the over arrow OR hit Enter

3. Click on Statistics. Then select the statistics you want run. Chi-square is a common statistic completed for cross tabulation analysis and is used in this example. When you have selected the tests you want to run click "Continue"

Note: Based on your variables you should select appropriate statistical tests. 

4. Click on Cells. Under Counts Observed is selected as a default. Common analysis tools under Percentages include Row and Column and are used in this analysis. When you have selected the tests you want to run click "Continue"

5. Select "OK"

Cross Tabulations- Advanced: Code

1. On the Syntax page type in the following code

  /TABLES=variable_name_1 BY variable_name_2


  /TABLES=health BY conmedic

2. Highlight the code you want to run and then hit the Green Play Button