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Stata: Opening Data

A brief introduction to Stata

Data in Stata

Stata has the capacity to complete an analysis of quantitative data for a myriad of analytical tests.

This tab is a step by step guide to open Stata data through "point and click" and "code". 

Steps to Open Data: Point and Click

1. Open Stata

2. Go to File > Open

3. Select your Stata datafile (.dta file)

4. Select "Open"

Note: If your Stata file is not showing, change the drop down menu next to file name to "All Files". 

Steps to Open Data: Code

1. Open Stata

2. In the Command box type in the following code putting in the location of where you saved your data

use "file_location.DTA"

Example: use "C:\Users\randerson32\Documents\Data\2016_Stata\GSS2016.DTA"

Note: Command box at the bottom of page