Early College: Avoiding Plagiarism

Quoting v. Paraphrasing

Paraphrased or Plagiarized?

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Williams, Sherri. "Cardi B: Love & Hip Hop ’S Unlikely Feminist Hero." Feminist Media
, vol. 17, no. 6, Dec. 2017, pp. 1114-1117. EBSCOhost,


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What if feminists allow Cardi B’s feminism to evolve? Black feminists are already using social media as a tool to fight against the sexual violence that women of color experience (Sherri Williams 201). Imagine enlisting Cardi B in feminist movements and utilizing her massive social media reach to convey messages about gender equality. What if feminists incorporated Cardi B into their digital activism and exposed her millions of followers to messages of gender justice? Cardi B’s visibility is important in popular culture because she challenges traditional ideas about women, especially women of color. Cardi B was an exotic dancer before she became a social media sensation and reality television star. Most media representations of exotic dancers are shrouded in shame…. In media interviews and on Love & Hip Hop Cardi B owns and discusses her past employment in strip clubs without shame. In her massively popular summer 2017 hit song Bodak Yellow she says: “Look, I don’t dance now/I make money moves/Say I don’t gotta dance/I make money move.”

Plagiarized or Paraphrased Correctly

The feminist movement could reach hundreds more women if Cardi B was recruited to advance the message. She has a massive social media following and she is unapologetic about her past as a stripper, highlighted in her hit song, Bodak Yellow (Williams 1116).