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ENGL1101-Roy: Search Strategies

How To Find What You Are Looking For In GIL-Find

You can try using more that one keyword by using the "Advanced  Search" option to narrow down your results. This option is available in GALILEO, too.


Is it Available?

Check to see which campus has a copy and if the copy is available. If it is at a different campus, you can place a request to have it sent to Newton.


Keyword: Words that form the main idea of what you are searching for. Example: A picture of Ralph David Abernathy and John Lewis during the Civil Rights Movement. Your Keywords would be "Ralph David Abernathy", "John Lewis", and "Civil Rights" The quotation marks let the search engine know to search for them as phrases, rather than individual words..

Boolean Searching: Using "and" "or" & "not" to define your search.

      "AND"- use when you want the search results to find two or more keywords in the same resource. Example: Civil Rights AND Martin Luther King,

      "OR"-use when you are searching for two similar terms but don't require both of them. Example: Farm OR Plantation

      "NOT"-use when your keyword has another meaning or connotation that you do not want. Example: Bears NOT Chicago

Truncation: This function allows you to search for all forms of a word by shortening the primary word and adding an *. Example: Changing chemistry to chemis* will find chemistry and chemist