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Hannah Arendt - Subject Guide: Websites

A starting point for research on Hannah Arendt and her philosophy.

Evaluating Web Sites

By now, you are aware that not all Web sites are created equal and that anyone with a computer can put up a Web page. For doing academic work, students must be sure that the Web site from which you are getting information is reliable.

Use the following information as a tool for evaluating your sites. Most sites won't have all of the following qualities, but the ones you actually use should contain answers to at least some of the following questions:

 Who is the author of the page/site?

What are the credentials of the author (what qualifies him or her to write on the topic)?

Who sponsors the site?

What is the purpose of the site - To inform? To entertain?, To sell you something? To argue for a certain point of view?

Who is the intended audience?

Are the sources cited? Where did the author(s) get the information?

Can the information on the page be verified with other sources?

How current is the information?

For additional information on evaluating Web sites, look at: 

Five criteria for evaluating Web pages from Atlantic Cape Community College.

General Sites

Unfortuntately, there is very little information available on the internet about Hannah Arendt. Below are a few links to the best of what is available.

Online Papers About Hannah Arendt From the Free Web

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