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HON 1000: ‘Going Steady?’: Documenting the History of Dating in American Culture, 1940-1990 (Anderson/Fall 2016)

Meeting Information / Directions to My Office

Meetings will be held in my office suite. I am in the Research & Engagement Suite on Library South 5.


If you are in the Library South building: 

  • Take the elevators in Library South (around the corner from the CURVE) up to the fifth floor.
  • When you get off the elevator, look for this sign:

  • The door to the Research & Engagement Suite is to the left of the sign as you are facing the sign.
  • If I am not standing right outside the door, ring the doorbell and either I or another librarian will let you in. 

If you are in the Library North building (this is the building where the circulation desk and almost all of our books are):

  • If you walk across the Link (the bridge with the glass walls) on the second, third, fourth, or fifth floor, you are walking FROM Library North TO Library South.
  • If you are on the second, third, or fourth floor, take the elevator to the fifth floor and follow the directions above. (The first floor of Library South is not part of the library. It's confusing. Don't worry about it. The first floor of Library North is where the circulation desk is) 
  • If you are the fifth floor, walk across to the fifth floor of Library South until you come to the elevators. The elevators will be to your left as you are walking away from Library North. 

The key to everything once you are on the fifth floor of Library South

Look for the Research & Engagement Suite sign. The door to the suite is to the left of the sign. 

If you get lost, call me at (404) 413-2722!