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Data Visualization: Chart / Graph Tools


Charts and graphs are the most commonly used and also among the most effective way of visualizing your data. Right now there are plenty of tools outside there. For students needs, we list three of the most popular tools here, which should be enough for your chart / graph generation.

Click here for some helpful tips on "Charts Dos and Don'ts."

Excel Pivot Table

As one of our most used data organizing tools, Excel is pretty good at generating charts. One of its relatively new function is Pivot Table. Under this function data could be reorganized, filtered, and displayed in the way users would like to.



Tableau is powerful proprietary software GSU subscribes to. Visualization could be easily done by dragging and dropping data. It also has comprehensive filter functions to allow showing selected data layers. A variety of charts and color options are provided.

Tableau is installed in workstations of CURVEReserve a workstation to use it.

Training also available on


Google Charts

Google Charts is an option is you want to tweak the code to make fine changes. The online instructions share the code and allows you to customize on top of that. One feature of Google chart is the motion chart, which could create moving items to reflect the change over time. Motion chart could be found either within Google Drive -> Spreadsheet -> Insert Chart, or under Google Charts Guides