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Data Visualization: Infographics / Poster / Word Clouds

Infographics / Poster

Note: One common issue of free infographics creator is that they limit the maximum size of the file you can export when done. Pay attention to the allowed export file size especially when you need to print it our in large size.

Venngage is a popular online infographics / poster maker. It has free and fee-based options. The free version provides some basic templates and functions, such as set your own canvas size, add icons and images, or upload your own images, change colors and fonts, which are sufficient for most users. The infographics and posters could then be saved, shared and downloaded. 

Go to Venngage

Piktochart is a very easy to use, customizable tool. With both free and professional versions available.

Go to Piktochart is another free infographics maker. You can either choose one of their templates, or use blank template to create your own design.

Go to is also a good web-based option for infographics. Please be aware it is the beta version.

Go to

Word Clouds

Note: There are a lot of word cloud generators outside there. Here we list only a couple. Since this technology changes all the time, you are encouraged to explore more yourself.

Tagul is an eay-to-use online word cloud generator. Users can create word clouds at your choice of shape and color.

Go to Tagul

TagCrowd is a word cloud generator that reflects the frequency of the words by size. It also has some other features like group similar words and convert cases. It also support multiple languages.

Go to TagCrowd