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Data Visualization: Timeline / Storyline

Introduction to Timeline Tools

Timeline is a powerful way of showing data when time is the primary string to tie the information together. This page lists some tools to create story / timeline on the chronological sequence. These tools could be used to display information for either a specific topic / subject, or for visual display of project management and progress. Most of them are web-based and have free versions for basic function.


Tiki-Toki is a web-based free timeline too. 


  • It has both  2D and 3D display. 
  • The 2D model could display both still and animated images. 

Note: only 2D timeline supports GIF files (animated images).

Go to Tiki-Toki


A multimedia timeline creator that allows for text, pictures, maps, and videos all in one timeline. Sutori also add educational capacities. 


  • Allows multimedia files;
  • Allows to invite students and add quizzes to a timeline;
  • Enables project archive function.

Go to Sutori


MyHistro is a web-based timeline creator. It allows you to create a webpage-like timeline with images, text, audio, video, etc. Your timeline could be shared to major social media platform.

Note: MyHistro doesn't support embedding to webpage function. 

Go to MyHistro


An easy web-based timeline creator. TimeGlider has free version for students.


  • Could directly import content from DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr;
  • One item could be uploaded only once and used on multiple timelines.
  • Font size could change based on the Importance level of an item (image / video).

Go to TimeGlider

Timeline JS

ESRI Story Maps

Gallery style story telling tool that integrates images, maps, charts and texts into one timeline.

Go to ESRI Story Maps


CARTODB has an open source story line maker Odyssey.js to help build map-based story lines. (Don't panic about the editing box!!)  Content could be easily added to the edit box on the right, including text and images. Cloud storage and sharing options.

Go to Odyssey.js