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GSU Library Team Newsletter: Fall 2015: Welcome!


The Georgia State University Library's Health, Science, Education and Policy Team Newsletter offers updates and information about library services and resources.  Please share the link with your graduate students.

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What Table of Contents Delivery Service Do You Use?
JournalTOCs: 0 votes (0%)
BrowZine: 1 votes (50%)
PubMed/NCBI: 1 votes (50%)
Web of Science: 0 votes (0%)
I don't use any service: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2

BrowZine for the Web

BrowZine consolidates academic journals from multiple publishers into
an easily browsable format for your mobile device or web browser.

BrowZine Web is designed for browsing recent scholarship in journals you read regularly or for tracking specific subject areas. Most of the scholarly journals to which the library directly subscribes are included in BrowZine.  

A separate BrowZine app is available for iPads, Android tablets, and Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Newspapers, trade journals, and popular journals are excluded and no pre-2005 content is available. For access to the library's full range of back issues, please search our catalog.  Not all features available in the app are available in the web version (e.g.  the “my bookshelf” feature isn’t active), but there are plans to implement these in fall 2015.

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