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SOCW 2000 Introduction to Social Work (Brown): Research Strategies

This guide is designed to help you find resources to use for assignments in Introduction to Social Work 2000.

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search so that you can use more search terms and narrow your focus.

Subject Terms

When you use subject terms, you can use synonyms to get more results as shown with the red arrow . (far left arrow and top arrow below)

Some articles will not be full-text as shown by the green arrow, (next arrow below to the right) you can get them through Interlibrary Loan.

You can limit your results to get more focused articles, as shown with the purple arrow. (next arrow below to the left)

If you would rather just use articles available to you right now, use the Full-Text button as shown in the orange circle. (first circle)

For Scholarly Works only, use the Scholarly(Peer Reviewed) Journals button in the blue circle. (second circle)

For this search, I am looking for articles about the impact of air pollution on people with asthma in Atlanta.