Finance Research Resources: Company Data

One Source



Don Jones owned database that includes information about companies, industries and countries. It provides more than 32,000 sources including newspapers, journals, magazines, television and radio transcripts, photos, videos, etc. The resources cover from nearly every country worldwide in 28 language.


Mergent Online

Detailed information about business description, history, property, subsidiaries, officers and directors, long-term debt and capital stock.

Annual reports for most companies are available back to 1996.

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Lexis Nexis

Lexis Nexis has national and international company financial information. Users can find most public company information for companies including: analysis and basic information, current news stories, company profiles, list of competitors, corporate hierarchy, financial information, legal information, and intellectual property information.It also has SEC filings.

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Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

WRDS is one of the leading data sources for finance research. It contains data across multiple disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, and Statistics. The data is compiled from independent sources that specialize in specific historical data. Some sources include S&P Capital IQ, NYSE, CRSP, and Thomson Reuters. Important databasets for Finance include COMPUSTAT and CRSP.

To access to WRDS, you need to require a Wharton account on its website. It's free of charge.

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Hoover covers information about companies, people and industries.Company Information includes overview, history, competitors, financials of over 85 million companies both public and private-owned. Industry Information covers industry trends, opportunities, financials, and more on over 1,000 industry segments.

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Compustat Research Insight

Compustat Research Insight (CRI) contains Standard & Poor's Compustat, Global Vantage, Research Insight, and Bank Fundamentals. Standard & Poor's Compustat (U.S.) and Global Vantage (international) databases contain fundamental financial and price data for both active and inactive publicly traded companies. Compustat goes back annually to 1950, and Global Vantage goes back to 1993. Bank Fundamentals (annual and quarterly) includes Financial, statistical and market information on the largest and most important banks in the U.S. CRI also contains a wide range of fundamental and technical data.

Access of Compustat Research Insight available for current faculty and students from WRDS. Please go to the link and request an account for access.

Please refer to Help Sheet for additional instructions.

Note: every individual user needs to register and have your own account to access it. It is free of charge. So please go ahead register on their website.