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Clarkston Library Content - Handouts: Pro-Con Sources

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Pro-Con Sources

Where to Go

Sources for Books

GILFind: the library catalog.

EBooks on EBSCOHost and Academic EBooks on EBSCOHost Search for eBooks on GALILEO.

GALILEO Article Databases

Academic Search Complete: General and scholarly magazine and journal articles on every imaginable subject.

CQ Electronic Library: Reports provide depth for current events issues.

: Scholarly, full-text, humanities and social science (includes history and religion) articles.

LexisNexis: Your source for newspaper articles.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context: Expert viewpoints and links to articles on a variety of general, current events-related topics.

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Selected Pro/Con Sources

If you need information, a starting place, or background for a pro-con/argument or persuasive speech, try one of the books below or search for information in the numerous databases listed in the sidebar. Note: the large number of reference EBooks are just a click away to any student, faculty, or staff who is logged into the library via iCollege or the library's own page..

Global and Economic Issues
Afghanistan War: a Documentary and Reference Guide Ebook Central
Boko Haram and the War on Terror Ebook Central
Conpsiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier Ebook Central
Contemporary Security Issues in Africa Ebook Central
Contemporary World Issues: The Minimum Wage: Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Cyber Warfare: How Conflicts in Cyberspace Are Challenging America and Changing the World Salem Press
Drone EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries GVRL
Encyclopedia of Ethics EBSCOHost eBook Collection

Global and Economic Issues Continued
Encyclopedia of Global Studies EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of the Middle East EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Global Urban Growth : A Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Homeland Security: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences Ref. Storage H40.A2 I5 2008
Iraq War: the Essential Reference Guide Ebook Central
Making of a Terrorist:Rrecruitment, Training, and Root Causes Ref. Storage HV6431 .M353 2006
Migration and Remittances Factbook Ebook Central
Migration, Terrorism, and the Future of a Divided Europe: a Continent Transformed Ebook Central
Modern Slavery: A Documentary and Reference Guide EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Online Around the World: a Geographic Encyclopedia of the Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Apps Ebook Central
Sage Encyclopedia of Terrorism (Second Edition) EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Syria in Ruins: The Dynamics of the Syrian Civil War Ebook Central
Tweeting to Freedom: An Encyclopedia of Citizen Protests and Uprisings Around the World Ebook Central
Understanding Central America: Global Forces, Rebellion, and Change Ebook Central
World of Walls: The Structure, Roles and Effectiveness of Separation Barriers Ebook Central

National and Political Issues
Abortion in the United States: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Abortion Wars : The Fight for Reproductive Rights Ebook Central
America's Arab Refugees: Vulnerability and Health on the Margins Ebook Central
The American Political Party System: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Anti-Immigration in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia ABC-Clio
Border Brokers: Children of Mexican Immigrants Navigating U. S. Society, Laws, and Politics EBook Central
Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States BP67.U6 .E53 2007
Encyclopedia of Journalism EBSCOHost Academic eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Women and American Politics HQ1236.5 .U6 .E52 2008
Evangelical America: an Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religious Culture Ebook Central
Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation Ebook Central
Ideas and Movements that Shaped America: From the Bill of Rights to "Occupy Wall Street" ABC-Clio
Immigration: Examining the Facts Ebook Central
Immigration in US History EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Impeachment: A Handbook, New Edition Ebook Central
In Search of Common Ground on Abortion : From Culture War to Reproductive Justice Ebook Central
Money in American Politics: an Encyclopedia Ebook Central
Multicultural America : A Multimedia Encyclopedia EBSCOHost eBook Collection
The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Ebook central and other locations
On the Border: Portraits of America's Southwestern Frontier Ebook Central
Our Working Future Ebook Central
Oxford Handbook of U.S. Social Policy EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Poverty in the United States: A Documentary and Reference Guide EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Reproductive Justice: An Introduction Ebook Central
Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future Ebook Central
Safe Haven? A History of Refugees in America Ebook Central
Three U. S. -Mexico Border Wars: Drugs, Immigration, and Homeland Security Ebook Central
The Youth Unemployment Crisis: A Reference Handbook EBSCOHost eBook Collection

Family, Gender, and Social Issues
Alcohol and Drugs in North America: A Historical Encyclopedia EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Animal Rights and Welfare Ebook Central
Animal Rights and Welfare: a Documentary and Reference Guide EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Asian American Society : An Encyclopedia EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Disability Ref. Storage HV1568 .E528 2006 (5 vols.)
Encyclopedia of Gender in Media EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Gower Handbook of Discrimination at Work Ebook Central
Handbook on Bullying : Prevalence, Psychological Impacts and Intervention Strategies EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Handbook of the Sociology of Death, Grief, and Bereavement : A Guide to Theory and Practice Ebook Central
LGBT Youth Issues Today: A Reference Handbook EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Mental Health Care Issues in America: An Encyclopedia GVRL
Opioid Crisis: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Routledge Handbook of Gender and Violence Ebook Central
Transgender: a Reference Handbookbr> Ebook Central
Women in Sports: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central

Crime, Justice, and Punishment
American Juvenile Justice EBook Central
Contemporary World Issues: Juvenile Justice: A Reference Handbook HV9104 .S448 2005
Contemporary World Issues: School Violence: A Reference Handbook EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Criminal Justice System EBook Central
Death Penalty: a Reference Handbook EBook Central
Death Penalty: Documents Decoded ABC-Clio
Drugs in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States HV8694 .P35 2008
Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence and Abuse Ebook Central
Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Transnational Crime and Justice EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Famous American Crimes and Trials Ref. Storage HV9950 .F36 2004 (5 vols.)
Handbook of Homicide EBook Central
Introduction to Cybercrime: Computer Crimes, Laws, and Policing in the 21st Century EBook Central
Personal Security Handbook : Practical Tools for Keeping Yourself, Your Family & Your Things Safe at Work, Home or on the Road EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Profiling and Criminal Justice in America : A Reference Handbook EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Substance Abuse: a Reference Handbook EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Substance Abuse: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central

Science, Environment, Technology, and Health
Dictionary of Environment and Conservation GE10 .P375 2007
Dictionary of 21st Century Energy Technologies, Financing & Sustainability EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Consumption and Waste : The Social Science of Garbage EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Encyclopedia of Disasters: Catastrophes and Human Tragedies GB5014 .G86 2008
Encyclopedia of Global Warming Ebook Central
Encyclopedia of Sustainability GVRL
Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Ref. Storage QC854 .A45 2007
Environmental Encyclopedia GVRL
Green Energy : An A-to-Z Guide EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Handbook of Environment & Waste Management EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Handbook of Food Safety EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Hydraulic Fracturing Operations : Handbook of Environmental Management Practices Ebook Central
Internet of Things : Emergence, Perspectives, Privacy and Security Issues EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Internet of Things (IoT): Technologies, Applications, Challenges and Solutions Ebook Central
Living with Environmental Change: Waterworlds Ebook Central
Net Neutrality and the FCC: Legal Issues and Matters of Debate Ebook Central
Notable Natural Disasters EBook Central
Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear RA638 .M675 2011
Planning for Community Resilience : A Handbook for Reducing Vulnerability to Disasters EBSCOHost eBook Collection
Science of Environmental Pollution Ebook Central
Steroids and Doping in Sports: a Reference Handbook Ebook Central
Sustainable Solid Waste Management Ebook Central
Trash Talk : An Encyclopedia of Garbage and Recycling around the World Ebook Central
Vaccination Controversies: A Reference Handbook ABC-Clio
Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine's Greatest Lifesaver RA638 .A45 2007
World Scientific Handbook Of Energy World Scientific Book of Energy
Zika Virus Disease : From Origin to Outbreak Ebook Central