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ENGL 1101 Textbook Initiative: Comparison

Potential resources for GPC's ENGL 1101 Textbook initiative. (ARCHIVE)

Comparison Chart

All have Creative Commons "share alike" license except some of the Writing Spaces essays.  Rhetoric and Composition and Boundless "Writing" allow commercial use.

Text Formats Printable/print version Editable Content appropriate URL
Rhetoric & Composition html/pdf yes yes yes
Writing for Success (Saylor) pdf/docx yes, but 613pp. yes yes
Open Tapestry ENGL001 html/varies pieces are not as is; but we could create similar yes
Writing Spaces (essays) pdf yes/ can purchase print books no level,maybe; scope not complete
Writing Commons html/ multimedia no, only indivual webpages no no
Boundless "Writing" html no no yes
Process of Research Writing pdf/html yes, by chapter no no, good for ENGL1102