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ENGL 1102 - Research Notebook (Plays)

Drama for Students

Literature Resource Center

Reference books found in Literature Resource Center may be included in this section, Part Three: Other Sources, of the Research Notebook.

Reference books in Artemis Literary Sources

Reference books found in Artemis Literary Sources may be included in this section, Part Three: Other Sources, of the Research Notebook.

These database includes reference books such as:

  • encyclopedias
  • volumes in the Literature and Its Times series 
  • volumes in the For Students series 

If you are not sure where to place a secondary source in your research notebook, ask a librarian or your instructor.



Gale Literary Index

Use the Gale Literary Index (part of Artemis Literary Sources and Literature Resource Center) to locate biographical articles, critical essays, plot summaries, etc. in reference books published by Gale.

Bloom's Literature

When using Bloom's Literature for Part One of the Research Notebook...

  • avoid reference books such as:
    • encyclopedias, e.g., Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature or Students Encyclopedia of Great American Writers
    • works covering many authors, e.g. Research Guide to American Literature or The Facts on File Companion to American Drama 
  • ​select entries from books in the various Bloom's series, e.g., Bloom's Guides, Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations, or Modern Critical Views

Sometimes the difference between a reference book and a circulating book is subtle. If in doubt, ask your instructor or librarian for guidance. 

When using Bloom's Literature for Part Three of the Research Notebook, select from any of the results on your topic.