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Natasha Trethewey GPC Reads: For Faculty

This guides is for GPC Reads and discusses her work, career, biographic information and other related aspects.

Faculty GPC Reads Assignments

Ideas from Beyond GPC

Multi-Disciplinary Appeal

Beyond Katrina is not just for English classes!  It will be taught in Fine Arts, Geology, History, and Political Science as well.  (Other creative faculty members will no doubt add to this subject list.)  This is a page where faculty can add ideas and links to use in teaching.  The box to the right is for user input, so feel free to share. Just hit "Submit" to link to any web address with your assignment.  If you want to send a document to us, we can post it for you in the Faculty Assignments box on the left. (

So far some of the topics/themes that have been generated for student learning outcomes are:

  • Home
  • Weathering life's storms
  • Geography/weather of the gulf coast
  • Criminal Justice
  • Mixed-race families
  • Poetry writing
  • Memoir writing

Thanks so much for sharing!