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Website Evaluation

Use this guide to learn how to evaluate information you find on the internet. Adapted from the McHenry County College Library, Georgia Gwinnett College, and the Georgia Perimeter College RSCH 1203 textbook.

Point of View

Some websites exist only to promote one way of viewing an issue. It's up to you to see what biases your sources may have.

Which of the following statements is true about the website you are evaluating?

 The information seems ironic, like a satire or spoof.

 The information is biased or prejudiced in favor of one point of view on the topic.

 The arguement is persuasive, attempting to sway the audience to a particular way of thinking about the topic.

 There is a lot of advertising on the webpage.

 The source examines both sides of the issue fairly, and/or is primarily fact-based.

Sample Websites

Would you use either of these websites as references in scholarly papers?