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Website Evaluation

Use this guide to learn how to evaluate information you find on the internet. Adapted from the McHenry County College Library, Georgia Gwinnett College, and the Georgia Perimeter College RSCH 1203 textbook.


No one fact-checks most websites, except for their authors, so making sure the information is accurate is up to you. You can check information from websites against information from books, journal articles in GALILEO, what you learn in class and by talking to your teachers and librarians.

Which of the following statements is true about the website you are evaluating?

 The source seems "off the wall" or the source contains poor grammar or numerous spelling errors or no sources mentioned.

 Sources of information are mentioned but, not formally cited.  No bibliography or references included. You might be able to check these sources, with additional research.

 The information is formally cited (bibliography, references, or footnotes) or source is industry-approved. You would easily be able to check these sources using the citations.

 The information is formally cited and from a peer reviewed, academic, or professional source. You would easily be able to check these sources using citations, or the information is a primary source itself.

If the source is historical or biographical, the dates of events are correct.


Sample Websites

Would you use either of these websites as references in scholarly papers?