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Dental Hygiene: Internet

This guide has been developed as a general introduction to resources in the field of dental hygiene .

A word about websites

One of the most common pitfalls students encounter when performing research lies in selection of websites. As students become increasingly dependent on the web for information, they must also learn appropriate ways in which to evaluate the information they are obtaining from the web.

Websites for quality medical information

These websites are useful for dental hygiene research.
Click on the logo to go directly to the website
Keep in mind that if you get to a point that you are being asked to pay for an article, you may be able to get the article through GALILEO or through the library free of charge!

Pubmed is the freely accessible online database of biomedical journal citations and abstracts created by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.



U.S. federal website containing links to reputable dental resources; developed by the Centers for Disease Control.


A series of online healthcare books for medical and dental professionals.

Scholarly Resources on the Web

While you access GALILEO resources through the Internet, what we're referring to as "web resources" here are information sources (articles, websites, etc.) available to anyone WITHOUT a password.  This is sometimes called "the open web."  These are the kinds of resources you will find using Google or other search engines.

Because anything can be published on the open web, you need to be very careful about sources you find there.  However, it is true that an increasing number of scholarly works are accessible on the web.  I recommend that you use Google Scholar to find these resources.  Google Scholar works just like Google, but all the results are from scholarly sources, such as articles from scholarly journals.  Some of these articles are available full-text right on the web, but others will ask you to pay a fee to access the full article.  You can often find the exact same article in GALILEO!  Use the "Journals A-Z" tab in GALILEO to help you locate the article, as explained in the GALILEO video.

Want to know more about using Google Scholar?  Watch this Google Scholar video tutorial from the CLIP, the Cooperative Library Project.  (Optional)