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Primary Sources - History: General Research Guide: United States

This guide is for students seeking original records created at the time historical events occurred or well after events in the form of memoirs and oral histories.

National History Education Clearinghouse

George Mason University's National History Education Clearinghouse has published reviews of over 1000 history-oriented websites.

Browse, or use keywords to search for a website or digital library relevant to your topic.

Other Sites Collections

- Digital History (University of Houston)

- The History Collection (University of Wisconsin)

- The Lost Museum (City University of New York)

Quick List of Primary Sources for the U.S.

Links to primary source resources for United States history!

Try these databases

Digital Database Collections for U.S.

Web collections: US History

Intelligence Agencies

 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Historical Collections

Researching major international events or themes of the twentieth century?  Try this collection of declassified CIA documents deemed to be historically significant and released through the Freedom of Information Act.  


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Released Records

Researching major American figures, groups or movements of the twentieth century?  Try this collection of FBI investigation files released through the Freedom of Information Act.  You might be surprised who has an FBI file. 


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