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World Religions: General Research Guide: Citation

The guide is designed for students in RELI 1301 and 1301H and for persons with general interest in the major faith traditions of the world.

Academic Honesty


A brief statement on Academic Honesty:
Georgia Perimeter College Academic Honesty

Look on pages 10-12 of the Student Guidebook for an expanded explanation.

Student Guidebook

If you are not sure what plagiarism is, see this fun online tutorial to review produced by Acadia University and used with permission for non-commercial purpose.

You Quote It, You Note It!


GPC Handout Helps on Citations

A citation gives all the information your teacher will need to find the resource you used in your assignment. Two popular citation "styles" are Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA)  Each of your teachers will tell you what style he or she prefers.

GPC has guidelines specific to citing our licensed databases (Galileo).  Links to MLA and APA Style guides can be found on this page:​

More Help with Citation

The following links provide detailed guidelines to cite many different item types.

MLA (Modern Language Association)

Generally used for liberal arts and humanities.

APA Style (American Psychological Association)

Generally used for social sciences.

Each GPC Library Reference Department also has handbooks for citation styles and Librarians ready to help.

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