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Nursing Current: General Research Guide: Care Plans and More

A guide to vital information for community college nursing students.

Nursing Care Plans

Nursing Care Plans

CINAHL Plus Full Text offers some care plans among its many articles. You can find care plans by limiting your search to them as shown in the illustration. You will need to scroll down to find the Publication Type scroll box to limit to care plans.

You can also use "care plan*" (with the "quotes" and asteri*k) as one of your search terms. To look for articles about care planning for a heart attack, you might search cardiac AND "care plan*" or "heart attack*" AND "care plan*". The * tells CINAHL to search for multiple endings.

Make sure to limit your search to Full Text for best results.

Searching for care plans in
Searching for Care Plans in GIL-Find

This saved GILFind search is the gateway to books on care planning. To search for nursing care plans with GIL-Find, type nursing care plans into the search box and set the scroll box to the right of the search box to Subject.

Note: most nursing care plan sites on the web require registration or payment for their information.

Pharmacology and Dosage Calculators

Nursing Dosage Calculators

GIL-Find is the gateway to books on pharmacology, pharmacy, and dosage calculation.

To see the library's collection of books on nursing pharmacology, please click this link.

To see the library's collection of books on dosage calculation, please click this link.

For a page with online medical calculators, try MD Calc.

NCLEX RN and Licensing

NCLEX RN and Licensing Information

If you need books to help you study for the NCLEX, you can find them by clicking this link for a special, saved search in GIL-Find.

NCBSN is the offical NCLEX web site.

The Georgia board of Nursing handles licensing for nurses throughout the state.

And Health Careers -- VeryWell (formerly features articles on nursing career topics.