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Nursing Current: General Research Guide: Finding Books

A guide to vital information for community college nursing students.

Merck Manuals

Merck Manuals

The Merck Manuals are medical reference e-books available on GALILEO. They offer readable but detailed articles on everything from children's diseases, to disorders of aging, to the therapeutic aspects of pet ownership.

For nursing students, The Merck Manuals provide credible definitions of diseases and therapies. If you need quick, up-to-date, background, the Merck Manuals re for you.

Finding Books with GIL-Find

Finding Books with GIL-Find

A giant GIL-Find logo GIL-Find is the library's catalog for books and nonprint media such as videos. For help using GIL-Find, please try Step by Step Basic Searching with GILFind.

Making Magic with GIL-Find

Magic with GIL-Find

Yes, you can search GIL-Find, but with a small amount of search language, you can amaze yourself with your search results.

First: think about your topic. Many nursing topics are phrases. To search a topic that is also a phrase bind it together with "quotes, " for example, "traumatic brain injury."

Other topics are really two ideas. If you are interested in how nurses can promote good nutrition you're topic is two ideas: nursing and nutrition.

For GIL-Find, nursing plus nutrition becomes nursing AND nutrition. The AND has to be in UPPER CASE letters. The AND is not really a word but a symbol asking GIL-Find to find the overlap between items that are about nursing and those that are about nutrition. GIL-Find sees your search like this:

a computer's eye view of your search

You of course type the search in as:

A student's eye view of your search

Restricting by location in GIL-Find After GIL-Find displays your results, you can use the options in the left column to see only results from (or any other campus) if you don't want to travel or wait for an intercampus loan. You may have to scroll down to reach the location box

Sorting by Date in GIL-Find You can send the newest results to the top of a GIL-Find page by sorting by date. Click the scroll box in the top right corner of the window, just above the book display and choose Date-newest instead of Relevance.

You can try adding some of your own magic to GIL-Find in the box below! Good luck and happy searching!