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Nursing Current: General Research Guide: Finding Articles

A guide to vital information for community college nursing students.

Databases for Nursing and Allied Health

Nursing and Health Databases

GALILEO offers a variety of databases for nursing and other health related topics. There is no one best place to start your research. Try different databases, and search for articles in the resource with which you feel most comfortable.

CINAHL plus Full Text


CINAHL Plus with Full Text Evidence Based Care is the premier nursing and allied health database. It not only lists articles in scholarly journals and features consistent and detailed subject headings for easy searching once you are familiar with the language of nursing, it also offers evidence based medicine sources under their own blue tab.

To help you learn to use CINAHL Plus with Full Text try Step by Step with CINAHL Plus, and for searching CINAHL Plus with the full power of CINAHL Subject Headings, try Step by Step with MeSH or CINAHL Subject Headings.

EBSCO Health Soruce

EBSCO Health Source EBSCO Health Source' medical dictionary is a database offering mainly readable, full text articles on health, nursing, and medicine, Health Source is the place to go when you need detailed health or medical information. Health Source also features a medical dictionary, visual searching, and My EBSCOHost where you can store your research in a folder on the database's server.

To learn more about searching EBSCO Health Source, try Step by Step with EBSCO Health Source.

ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source is another choice full text, nursing and health related articles.

ProQuest search box and results.

ProQuest databases feature facets on the left side of the page so that you can easily select videos or evidence based care summaries as well as scholarly/professional articles. To learn more about searching ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source try Step by Step with ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source.

Two versions of Medline

EBSCOhost Medline is the gateway to technically sophisticated, human biology articles and medical research. Although it is NOT a nursing database, it is an important resource because any one, including your future patients, has free access to it at PubMed. To learn more about searching the library's version of Medline try Step by Step with Ebsco Medline..

A new burst says try me Cochrane Library title Cochrane Library is a collection of evidence-based, medical, review articles. The articles are current, and you can explore them in a variety of ways in addition to searching for a particular topic. Learn how to make the most of Cochrane Library Step by Step.