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ENGL2112 - World Literature II: Contemporary Arab Authors

This research guide is designed to help you find sources of literary criticism for selected works as well as information about authors and literary movements.

Search Terms

Some subject/search terms that you could use are:
  • Arabic fiction
  • Politics & literature
  • Literature & the conflict
  • Race in literature
  • Arabs in literature
  • Deserts in literature
  • Postcolonialism in literature
  • Islamic fundamentalism in literature
  • Muslim authors


These are some of the articles that you can find in Galileo and the other databases offered by Perimeter CollegeFor off-campus access, you may need the GALILEO password or your username and password.

Look in the "Where to Search" tab for links to databases adn the catalog.


These are some of the books you may find in the catalog.


These are some modern Arab authors that you might research.

Naguib Mahfouz

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Sonallah Ibrahim

Yousef Al-Qaeed

Ghassan Kanafan

Emile Habibi

Haidar Haidar

Edward al Kharrat

Ghada Samman

Mahmoud Messadi