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Political Science: General Research Guide: Political Science as a Major

A guide designed to offer help with Political Science research, including information on politics, government and current issues.

Thinking about majoring in Political Science?

So, maybe you have taken a few Political Science courses and really enjoyed them. Or maybe you have always held an interest in government and politics. Either way you are toying with the idea of Political Science as a major. Well this page offers a number of resources to help you decide. Here you can view information on the possible job outlook for political science majors, the classes offered at GPC for Political Science majors and links to groups and organization at your school for people with your similar interest.

Political Science at GPC, Get Involved!

Political Science at GPC

Political Science Classes

POLS-1101 American Government
This course is required in all programs of study by state law. The course covers the essential facts about the national government of the United States, with some attention to state government, including the state of Georgia.

POLS-2101 Introduction to Political Science
This course is an introductory survey of the fundamental concepts and questions concerning politics, including such issues as liberty, justice, equality, and legitimacy.

POLS-2201 State and Local Government
This course covers the essential facts of state and local government and politics in the United States. It places particular emphasis upon the constitution and the government of the state of Georgia