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Great Web Sites: General Research Guide: Maps and Statistics

Need to find quality material on the open web? Has your professor asked you to find a web page for your paper or Powerpoint, well look no further.

Statistical Sources

Stastistical Sources  little graphs full of stats

Here is where you find reliable web sources for statistics on everything from births and deaths to crude oil production. Many of these statistics are the products of government agencies and international bodies.

CDC Data and Statistics
This site offers health, mortality, and morbidity statistics sorted alphabetically, by topic, and reachable with a search engine as well as "Vital Signs" and "Community Health Status Indicators" Remember, those diseases covered by doctor-patient confidentiality have fewer statistics available than those that kill the patient or which are highly infectious. Note: as of November 2017, the search engine under General Public does not always yield expected results.

National Center for Educational Statistics
This site features statistics having to do with all aspects of education in the United States.

National Center for Health Statistics
Statistics on health and wellness, arranged by topic of interest, broad topic, and searchable with an engine. Remember nonlethal conditions that are covered by doctor-patient confidentiality yield fewer statistics than infectious diseases or those that cause loss of life.

Statistical Abstract of the United States Still as useful as ever, the government has outsourced Statistical Abstract to Proquest, and it is available on GALILEO. Statistical Abstract covers a wide range of publicly available statistics about business, population, geography, and more. And you can learn to search it step by step.

Survey of Current Business
The United States Department of Commerce' Bureau of Economic Analysis offers up-to-date and detailed statistics and charts on production and expenditures.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
Your source for credible statistics on inflation/deflation, prices in general, unemployment, lay offs, and similar economic data.

United Nations Statistics Division
Here are statistics from all over the world in both English and French. There are population, economic, geographic, and scientific statistics. They tend to be just slightly out of date, but many statistics take a while to go to press. Most of the statistics are in subtopics under Data. Look for the Demographic Yearbook and the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online.

UN Data A super fast search engine for United Nations' statistical data. The explore box on the left leads to browsable lists that often yield better results than keyword searching. You can restrict by country or year to make the tables manageably small.

United States Census
Offers fairly current and very detailed demographic data. The site is quite complex. To find detailed data, select Advanced Search within American Fact Finder under Data Tools and Apps, under Data. Step by Step Custom Tables with the US Census partially demystifies Census searching.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Tables that give reliable, nation-wide statistics on a variety of criminal justice topics. Topics are fairly broad grained. For example, there are no statistics on child molestation. Also, this site has not had an update in since 2013.

Uniform Crime Reports
Current tables on violent crimes, property crime, law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and much more. The approach is broad grained but the tables are current and credible.

National Transportation Statistics
The United States Department of Transportation offers fairly up-to-date statistics on everything from miles of highway built and number of pedestrians crossing the US-Canadian boarder, to state legislation on use of cell phones while driving.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations -- Georgia Crime Statistics Database
This site features current statistics on crimes within Georgia. The database breaks down statistics by county. Look for a plain text link below several paragraphs and below the fold.

Maps and Atlases

A little map  Maps, Atlases, and Country Information

Here is where you can find: road maps, driving directions, maps of resources, and even world maps with fairly extensive country information. Some maps come from ad-supported commercial sources while most are the product of the United States government.

CIA World Factbook
Provides not only fairly basic political maps, but also current political history and relatively current events about the world's countries. Due to the site's sponsoring agency, the site has an obvious bias, but it still does a good, thorough job of listing basic facts.

Google Maps
This is the default mapping app that comes preloaded on your Android phone, but it is also a web page with much the same functionality and alas, the same privacy concerns as any other Google product.

Bing Maps
Microsoft's answer to Mapquest. The smooth interface lets you zoom in on street addresses and the bird's eye view let's you visit neighborhoods with a shcoking realism. Like MapQuest, Bing Maps provides lists of nearby services, but it lacks the general listings found on MapQuest, but Bing covers some locations unavailable on Mapquest.

Provides road maps, travel information such as restaurant and gas station locations, and travel directions for the entire United States. Maps are printable, though MapQuest bogs down on slow connections and busy servers.

The National Map
Multilayered, customizable maps of the United States or any part of the country, are just a  few mouseclicks away. Choose many of the green blocks in the center of the page and click the text link for a viewer on the following page. Note: these viewers may require Shockwave/Flash to work properly. Maps are both prinable and downloadable.

US Bi-Lateral Relations Fact Sheets
Provides both maps and history, and cultural background information on the world's nations. Because it is a government source, the political information may be biased, but the basic facts offered and the maps are accurate and fairly current.

U.S. Department of State Country Studies
Provide in depth information on the history, geography, politics, and economies of countries all over the world. All but one of the Country Studies is more than five years old, and many date from the last century. For really current information, look for news articles in GALILEO.