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Academic Honesty and Citations: Documenting your research

Research Notes

The first step in avoiding academic dishonesty is taking clear notes while you are doing your research. Since you'll be referring to your notes as you write your paper, having the following information in your notes will help you include the proper citations from the time you begin writing:

  • Source and page number
  • Is this a direct quote? Are you paraphrasing or summarizing the author's works or are you creating your own thoughts in response to the author's writing?
  • Organize your notes. Find a system that works for you, and use it consistently. If you're using an electronic notes system, be consistent in your naming or tagging. If you're using hard-copy notes, use a method consistently.

There are excellent sources that will help you learn how to research effectively and present your research in ways that avoid academic dishonesty.  Researching well is a skill that improves the more  you do it. Some suggested resources for learning and improving your skills are below.

Purdue OWL

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a fantastic resource to help you with the mechanics of proper format and citations in your paper. One feature they offer are sample papers, so that you can see the types of in-text citations, reference lists, quotations, and other resources "live", so to speak.

Sample papers are available in the following styles:

In addition, detailed style information is available at the following locations:

Your field may use a different style for formatting and citations. Verify the style you should use with your professor.

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