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HIST 4990: Alcohol (Davis/Fall 2017): Articles

How Do I Find Secondary Sources for My Topic?

Use keyword searching in classic GIL or GIL-Find AND in relevant databases. Brainstorm different keywords for your topic and see what happens.

Use Boolean searching (AND, OR, NOT) to expand or narrow your searches. (What's Boolean searching again? Learn more here.)

When you find a relevant item, click on the record and look for subject terms. Clicking on a subject term will bring up other related items.

Try your keywords and subject terms in other databases, and see what you find!

Using Find It @GSU

Many databases give you only a citation telling you where to find the article, not the article itself.

The Find It @GSU button is often a shortcut to the full article text in another database:

Click the Find It @GSU button to open a window with links to the article you need.

If that fails, try searching for the journal title in GIL-Find, or use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it from another library.

Lost? Stuck? Too many options? Ask a Librarian for help, or contact your History Librarian!

Key Article Databases

Click here for a full list of the secondary- and primary-source databases held by the GSU Library.

Thinking Interdisciplinary? Other Databases

History Librarian

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Joseph Hurley
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Rutgers University: Alcohol Studies Database

Check out Rutgers University's Alcohol Studies Database for citations to secondary sources—for both books and articles.