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EPRS 7900 Methods of Research in Education: Searching for Empirical Articles

Other databases

The GSU library has hundreds of databases containing empirical articles. 

PsycInfo is the only database that will limit to empirical articles.  ERIC has limiters that will help you focus your search toward empirical articles.

If you want to use other databases, you can use keywords to help focus your search.

Keywords to try:  study OR qualitative OR quantitative OR empirical

Where Can I Find Empirically-Based Education Articles?

The most direct route is to search PsycINFO .   Select Advanced Search, enter your topic, and then select Empirical Study in the Methodology field.


To search for empirical studies in ERIC, go to Advanced Search, enter your topic in the 1st search box, empirical study in the 2nd box.   In the Limiters section: 1) Select Peer-Reviewed. 2) In the Journal or Document field, select Journal.  3) Select Reports-Research from the Publication Type field.