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Georgia Government Documentation Project: H

A guide to the Georgia Government Documentation Project oral history collection.

Series H. Black Boss: Political Revolution in a Georgia County

H. Black Boss: Political Revolution in a Georgia County (P1992-06)

Interviews by John Rozier

These interviews were conducted by John Rozier as material for his book Black Boss: Political Revolution in a Georgia County, published in 1982 in Athens by the University of Georgia Press.

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Series H Oral Histories

Glustrom, John (P1980-02)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

August 21, 1978

No Transcript


John Glustrom (b. 1916), of the Georgia Council on Human Relations, worked with McCown on economic development projects in Hancock County.

Among topics discussed: McCown's ideas for economic development; business style; motivation and reasons for selecting Hancock County; Ford Foundation grants; Weltner Study; burning of the Hancock County Historical Society; Jimmy Carter's involvement in grant review; East Central Committee for Opportunity's (ECCO) business operations; black opposition to McCown.


Horn, Al (P1980-03)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

August 1, 1978

No Transcript


Al Horn (d. 1985) Atlanta attorney and civil rights activist who represented McCown.

Among topics discussed: Background of human relations council; McCown's relationship with human relations council; post‑McCown factionalism in Hancock County; hostility toward McCown; burning of Hancock County Historical Society; poisoning of Hancock County catfish farm; Sparta County "arms race"; McCown's personal characteristics; relationship with white community; formation of local Republican Party; charges against East Central Committee for Opportunity (ECCO); perceived Atlanta newspaper bias; legal problems; proceedings of government's case against McCown.




Ingram, Edith (P1980-04)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

September 8, 1978

No Transcript


Probate judge, Hancock County and  secretary to Georgia Council on Human Relations.

Among topics discussed: Ingram's background; prejudice felt by Ingram in role as probate judge; absentee ballot controversy; contested elections; police response to demonstrations; black representation on county commission; racial tension in Hancock County; McCown's political legacy.





McKnight, Robert (P1980-05)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

August 22, 1978

No Transcript


Assistant United States Attorney assigned to McCown's case.

Among topics discussed: Government's legal tactics; disqualification of McCown's legal representatives (Al Horn and Roosevelt Warren); Office of Economic Opportunity audit; Federal Bureau of Investigation's involvement; Governor Carter's withholding of financial support to ECCO; legal motions and proceedings; challenge to jury selection.


Moore, Covell (P1980-06)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

December 2, 1978

No Transcript


John McCown's uncle. McCown's mother, full name not known, was also present, but did not contribute to the interview in a significant way.

Among topics discussed: McCown's childhood; academic challenges of high school in New York City; aggressive personality and leadership role; appointment to Air Force Academy; family emphasis on education.


Walker, Sonny (P1980-07)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

August 23, 1978

No Transcript


Regional director of Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO).

Among topics discussed: Political transition from whites to blacks in Hancock County; community development projects; McCown's financial management; ECCO procedures; ECCO audit; OEO grants to Hancock County; Governor Carter's review of OEO grant; media response to OEO audit; prospects for black political and economic advances.


Warren, Roosevelt (P1980-08)

Interviewed by: John Rozier

September 7, 1978

No Transcript


Attorney for East Central Committee for Opportunity (ECCO).

Among topics discussed: Warren's decision to work in Hancock County; charged with conspiracy to defraud; black leadership in county; black political and economic strength; race relations in Hancock County; absentee ballots and election controversy.

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