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Thesis Information for Philosophy Students: University / CAS Policies

University Graduation Policies

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Applying for Graduation
Every candidate for a degree from Georgia State University must apply for graduation at least two semesters prior to the one targeted for Commencement. This registration must take place through the Office of the Registrar Graduation Services Office. No graduation will be approved without prior registration.

How to Apply for Graduation
Complete the application form by logging into PAWS and navigating to the Enrollment tab. The Application for Graduation link is located under the Updates/Requests Student Record section of the page. Once the link is selected, step-by-step instructions will be provided regarding the application process. Submit the form online with the graduation fee.

The graduation fee is $50 for all graduate and undergraduate students. Students must apply for each degree/major earned and pay a separate fee. The fee covers the cost of printing, packaging and mailing your diploma.

Changing Your Graduation Date
Students who know they will not graduate the semester for which they have applied, but will graduate a subsequent semester, or students who want to change whether they are attending the actual commencement ceremony must complete the Graduation Date Change Request form.

College of Arts & Sciences Policies and Deadlines

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Continuous Enrollment
As part of the university’s continuous enrollment policy, students in all graduate programs must maintain enrollment totaling 6 hrs (or more) over all consecutive three semester periods (including summers). In other words, the total enrollment of the current term plus the two terms preceding it must add to 6 hours or more at all times.

The status of all students will be checked by the midpoint of each term for compliance with the continuous enrollment requirement. Any student whose enrollment is out of compliance will be placed on inactive status effective at the end of the current term and all pre-registration for subsequent terms will be canceled. Those students will be notified by an e-mail message sent to their official Georgia State University e-mail account.

To resume their programs, inactive students must file for re-entry by the published deadline and must enroll at a level sufficient to satisfy the continuous enrollment criterion. That is, their enrollment in the re-entry term plus the two terms preceding it must total to 6 hours or more. The maximum required enrollment level for the re-entry term is 6 hours.

For more information on the re-entry process, see section 1100 of the Graduate Catalog or visit the Reentry to Graduate Studies page.

Completion Term Enrollment Requirement
Additionally, all students must be enrolled in the term in which they complete the requirements for their degree. Normally, this is the term in which they will graduate. However, if the requirements are completed after the deadline for graduation in a term, but before the first day of classes in the subsequent term, then it is not necessary to enroll in the subsequent term. If the continuous enrollment criterion is not met in the term in which degree requirements are completed, then it must be met in the term of graduation. Students who have enrolled for a total 6 or more hours in the two terms preceding the term of completion may register for 1 hour in that term, unless their department requires a higher number of hours.

Exceptions / Postponements (College of Arts & Sciences)

There are times when candidates for graduation cannot be approved by department committees or make required corrections in time to meet the calendar deadlines.

In such cases, allowance can be made through seeking a postponement of deadline from the Graduate Director of the college. A written request for additional time to complete the manuscript must be made by the department chair under the guidance of the department graduate director directly to the associate dean given responsibility for graduate studies.

This waiver will include a definite date when the work must be completed and cannot exceed the registrar’s date for all final information relating to graduation the semester the candidate is proposing to graduate.

Arts & Sciences Thesis / Dissertation Workshop

You will be sent an email inviting you to this workshop during the semester in which you are scheduled to complete your work. The workshop will provide you with important information about the graduate school deadlines, properly formatting your thesis, how to submit a copy of your thesis to the graduate school for format review, and uploading your final version to ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University.

If you do not receive an invitation to this workshop during the semester you are to graduate (some time during the first few weeks), contact the College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Office at 404-413-5040.

Formatting Your Thesis

All students are required to upload a PDF of their final (approved) thesis to the library's digital archive, ScholarWorks, by the completion deadline ( No paper copies are accepted in lieu of the electronic submission.

When formatting your thesis, you must strictly adhere to the current Thesis/Dissertation Guide.

The style and requirements of the Guide have been put together to meet both technical requirements of digitizing and binding (if you elect to do so). All necessary corrections must be made before the graduation closing date.

Contact the Office of Graduate Services at 404-413-5040 if you have any questions.

Initial Format Review Deadline (College of Arts & Sciences)
All students are required to provide a draft copy of their thesis to Graduate Services by the initial format review deadline. Please visit the Graduate Services webpage for a list of the deadlines:

Your thesis is not required to have been completed by the initial format review deadline, but it does have to be a well formatted draft that adheres to the guidelines in the Thesis/Dissertation Guide: Instructions for Preparation and Submission. If it has been determined by Graduate Services that your document requires formatting corrections, these corrections must be completed in time for the final submission. You may use one of two methods to submit your thesis or dissertation to Graduate Services for the initial format review:

  1. Dropbox link: If your thesis or dissertation file is too large to be sent through email, you can send a Dropbox link to Any links emailed after 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline will be deleted from the server and the student’s graduation date will be moved to the next semester.
  2. Email your thesis/dissertation: If your thesis or dissertation file size is relatively small, and does not contain many images, you can email it as a single Word to the Graduate Services’ general email account at “MANUSCRIPT FOR REVIEW” should appear in the subject line and the email should contain your intended semester and year of graduation. Any files emailed after 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline will be deleted from the account and the student’s graduation date will be moved to the next semester.