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MediaMark Reporter (MRI+): Home

I don't want to give my address!

If you do not want to provide your information to MRI during the registration process, you can use the library's information:

100 Decatur St SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

What is MediaMark Reporter?

MediaMark Reporter, or MRI, is a database that contains information about purchasers of brands, product types and media consumers. The data is drawn from consumer surveys done by MediaMark. Within MediaMark Reporter, there are two main types of information

  • Product: these focus on specific brands (such as Ford) or product type (like energy drinks). In the reports you can find information about who buys or uses the product/brand, including age, race, household income plus magazines, websites and cable channels they report watching.
  • Media : focus on the media habits of specific demographic groups, including magazines, websites and cable channels watched.