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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close : September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack

Fact Box

Timeline from 9/11 Commission Report

8:46:40 — American Airlines Flight 11 crashes into the WTC’s North Tower (Note: National Institute of Standard Technology report says 8:46:30.)
9:03:11 — United Airlines Flight 175 flies into 2 WTC [the South Tower] (Note: N.I.S.T. report says 9:02:59.)
9:37 — American Airlines Flight 77 hits the west wall of the Pentagon
9:58:59 — South Tower collapses
10:03:11 — United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania
10:28:25 — WTC’s North Tower collapses

Time from impact to collapse:

1 World Trade Center: 102 minutes
2 World Trade Center: 56 minutes

Number of dead: 2,992

World Trade Center: 2,759 (includes 10 hijackers and 157 passengers and crew members)
Pentagon: 125 (includes 5 hijackers and 59 passengers and crew members)
Flight 93: 44 (includes 4 hijackers)

First responders killed at the World Trade Center:

New York Police Department: 23
Fire Department of New York: 343
Port Authority Police: 37
Emergency Medical Service: 3

The flights

American Airlines Flight 11
From: Boston, Mass. (Logan Airport)
To: Los Angeles, Calif.
Number on board: 92
Crashed into North Tower of World Trade Center

United Airlines Flight 175
From: Boston, Mass. (Logan Airport)
To: Los Angeles, Calif.
Number on board: 65
Crashed into South Tower of World Trade Center

American Airlines Flight 77
From: Washington, D.C. (Dulles Airport)
To: Los Angeles, Calif.
Number on board: 64
Crashed into the Pentagon

United Airlines Flight 93
From: Newark, N.J.
To: San Francisco, Calif.
Number on board: 44
Crashed into rural Pennsylvania (southeast of Pittsburgh)

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