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Atlanta Government: Subject Guide: Mayor's Office

This guide will help you find information and resources on Atlanta Government. Click on the various links to access library resources plus reliable, relevant websites.

Atlanta's Mayors

2010 – Reed, Kasim
2002-10: Franklin, Shirley
1994-02: Campbell, Bill
1990-94:  Jackson, Maynard
1982-90:  Andrew Young
1974-82:  Jackson, Maynard
1970-74:  Massell, Sam
1962-70: Allen Jr., Ivan
1942-62: Hartsfield, William B.
1942-42: Lyle, George B.
1941-42: LeCraw, Roy
1937-41: Hartsfield, William B.
1931-37: Key, James L.
1927-31: Ragsdale, Isaac Newton
1923-27: Sims, Walter
1919-23: Key, James L.
1917-19: Candler, Asa
1913-17: Woodward, James G.
1911-13: Winn, Courtland
1909-11: Maddox, Robert
1907-09: Joyner, W.R. Joyner
1905-07: Woodward, James G.
1903-05: Howell, Evan
1901-03: Mims, Livingston
1899-01: Woodward, James G.
1897-99: Collier, Charles
1895-97: King, Porter
1893-95: Goodwin, John B.
1891-93: Hemphill, William
1889-91: Glenn, John Thomas
1887-89: Cooper, John Tyler
1885-87: Hillyer, George
1883-85: Goodwin, John B.
1881-83: English, James W.
1879-81: Calhoun, William Lowndes
1877-79: Angier, Nedom L.
1875-76: Hammock, Cicero C.
1874-75: Spencer, S.B.
1873-74: Hammock, Cicero C.
1872-73: James, John H.
1871-72: Hammond, Dennis
1870-71: Ezzard, William
1869-70: Hulsey, William
1866-69: Williams, James E.
1862-66: Calhoun, James
1861-62: Lowe, Thomas
1861-61: Whitaker, Jared
1860-61: Ezzard, William
1858-60: Glenn, Luther
1856-58: Ezzard, William
1855-56: Glen, John
1855-55: Nelson, Allison
1854-55: Butt, William
1853-54: Markham, William
1853-53: Mims, John
1852-53: Gibbs, Thomas
1851-52: Norcross, Jonathan
1850-51: Buell, Willis

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Metro ATL Mayors

A cooperative alliance of the mayors of 65 cities in the 10-county metro Atlanta region. See also: U.S. Conference of Mayors for its "Best Practices of City Government."