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WGSS 8005: Women's Studies Proseminar (King/Fall 2018 - Spring 2019): Citing

Save time


Use software to manage your sources - download citations from library databases; export the bibliography into your paper.

is a free download for GSU students, faculty and staff.


Zotero was developed by historians to support historical and related research. It is a free Firefox plugin.
Zotero guide

Features comparison chart: Zotero, Endote and others

Why cite?

Citing your sources is an important part of the scholarly writing process. Citations include the key elements that allow your sources to be identified and located - author, title, date, etc. The actual format of the citation depends on the resource type as well as the documentation style you are using.

There are several reasons to cite:

  • Give proper credit to the ideas, words, and works of others you use in your research
  • Allow readers to find your sources - so they can determine if they are reliable, better evaluate your argument, and locate additional information
  • Avoid plaigarism


Citation Sites