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PSYC 2030 - Careers in Psychology: I.M.


BA in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame
Minor in Business Administration

1990-1992: Case Manager 

Social service referrals for at-risk pregnant/parenting teens.

Case management aims to achieve client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources and service facilitation. The case manager helps identify appropriate providers and facilities throughout the continuum of services.

1992-1994 Program Counselor 

Department of Education TRIO Programs - New Mexico State University

Provided academic, personal, career, and college guidance to high school students in Las Cruces, NM. Summer on-campus component. Monthly activities. Long-distance field trips.

1994-1997 Admissions Counselor 

DePaul University (Chicago)

Specialized in Latino/a recruitment and provisional admissions. Visited high schools. Reviewed applications. Interviewed students for scholarships. On and off-campus activities. 

1997-1999 Academic Advisor 

DePaul University (Chicago)

Advised provisionally admitted students (all majors) on which classes to take. Made campus referrals (time management, tutoring, etc.)

1999-2002 Administrative Assistant 

For the Associate Dean of Erikson Institute (Chicago)
A simple 9-5 job so that I could concentrate on taking graduate school classes in the evenings.

Part-time graduate student, library and information science
MLIS, Dominican University (Fall 2002)

2002-2006 Academic Librarian

Reference Librarian - Cornell University 

Started as a resident librarian. Hired full-time after one year. Was assigned as library liaison to Latino Studies Program and Native American Studies Program.

2006-2010 Academic Librarian

Psychology & Education Librarian - Emory University

My first job where I was able to truly combine my BA in psychology with my masters degree in library science.

2010 - Present Academic Librarian

Psychology & Honors College Librarian - Georgia State University

This position has solidified my specialty as a psychology librarian.