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**Sociology: Subject Guide: Welcome to the
GSU Libraries!

Welcome to the GSU Libraries!

Check out the other tabs on this guide to learn about moving from a research question to an effective search strategy, finding sociology academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed articles and academic/scholarly books, and citing your sources and avoiding plagiarism.
New to the GSU Libraries?

Check out this page for information on logging into various library-related accounts (GALILEO passwords, GIL library catalog accounts) and for accessing resources from off-campus.

Check out this page to get the basic logistics of

  1. Physically getting into the library at the Atlanta/Downtown campus,
  2. Virtually accessing library resources,
  3. Where in the library and from whom you can seek research assistance, and
  4. Student employment opportunities.

* Be sure to check out the "Information for You" portals linked from the GSU Libraries homepage for more information particularly helpful to you.

Subject Librarian (Atlanta/Downtown Campus)

Upcoming Library Workshops