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Nonprofit Management: Books

Search tips and research resources for topics related to nonprofit management. Also includes resources for citing sources.


Having trouble searching for books in the GSU Library catalog? Try one of these tutorials:

Search for books at GSU Library

Books can provide information on well-established theories or research or provide overviews of topics.

Use GIL, the library catalog to find books you your topic. (Note: The catalog also lists other materials that are in the library - including microfilm, dissertations, movies, music and special collections.)

A keyword search is a good place to start if you are looking for information on a topic. You can do an exact search if you wish to search by a specific title or author. When searching for a specific title, do not enter articles such as “A” or “The” at the beginning of a title. Doing so will result in zero results.

Use the search box below for a quick search or go to the GIL catalog for complete search options.

Books to start with

The following books address nonprofit topics generally. These may be helpful background or overview sources for your research.

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