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Visual Research: Places to Know & Go

Find information to feed your creativity.

Oversized (Folio) Books



Oversized (Folio) Books Area
Library South | 5th Floor

Large books = more pictures
Oversized book call numbers usually have "Fol." in front


Special Collections



Special Collections
Library South | 8th Floor

Unique & rare materials--call to have them pull items for you: (404) 413-2880.


A/V Media

Media Center
Library North | 1st Floor

Check out & watch music + movies.



The Stacks


The Stacks
Library North | All floors

Where we keep the books. For a browsing guide, click here.

Map Collection


The Map & Atlas Collection
Library North | 2nd Floor

Geographical & graphical representations of history, culture, and more.



Library North | 1st & 2nd Floor

Reference books (left) are useful for information, but also often contain interesting diagrams and graphics.

Scanners & Color Printer

Overhead Scanners, Flatbed Scanners & Color Printers
Library North | 1st & 2nd Floor


Arts Librarian