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Marketing: Customers & Brands


Quality demographic information is important when developing business and marketing plans. There are a wide variety of resources available, including library subscriptions, print resources and websites that may help find the demographic information you need. Amont the library's resources are print and electronic books as well as databases.

These resources can help you find out what a defined group is like: for example, what is the age breakdown for Americans without health insurance? Other resources can help you identify who the consumers are of a particular product: just who are the people buying Grey Poupon mustard?

Customer groups

These resources will help you find information about broad demographic groups and categories: more specialized information may be located, but often will require looking into local resources such as Chambers of Commerce, city governments or neighborhood associations. For example, the City of Decatur has basic city demographic information available in the business section of the city website.


Brand information can be readily available, or very difficult to find. These resources should help you get started with finding information about who is buying brands and products.

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